NEH Summer Seminar deadline approaching

Dear Courtiers,

A gentle reminder that deadline for our NEH Summer Seminar on the trouvères is quickly approaching, and that there are still places open. When I first announced this in December, we didn’t have the very-attractive flyer you’ll find here, nor was our website fully developed; two reasons to further consider and pursue this opportunity. The last lyric seminar combining language, poetics, paleography and music was offered – to the best of my knowledge – in 1987. That the NEH is eager to fund a medieval topic like this is both exceptional and a mark of the quality of what we are offering.

All best wishes,

Chris Callahan
Bill Hudson

Flyer PDF

One thought on “NEH Summer Seminar deadline approaching

  1. Looked like such a fascinating conference but since I teach public school, I could not attend 🙁
    Could offerings in the future be scheduled in July, August or during a non-final exams time of the school year? I realize however, that many of you are professors and school is out of session for you.

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