Dhira Mahoney Fellowship and Emerging Scholars Grant

Please circulate widely to anyone who may be interested.

Dhira Mahoney Fellowship (applications due February 1, 2022)

Dhira Mahoney, a longtime member and secretary/treasurer of the ICLS-NAB, died in 2019. She generously bequeathed $5,000.00 to the International Courtly Literature Society, which we have voted to use to establish recurring research grants in her memory for ICLS-NAB members who do not have access to other research funds.

Emerging Scholars Grant (submit application with ICMS abstract)

We have recently established the Emerging Scholars grant, which offers a one-year ICLS-NAB membership and $200 for domestic travel/$500 for international travel for presenters on our panels at ICMS in Kalamazoo. Because the 2022 Congress will be online only, the award amount is $200 for all recipients, to cover the registration fee.

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